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Beginning Beekeeping Course Registration

If you are seriously considering keeping honey bees, or have decided to start this spring, this is the course for you! The 6-session (plus a hands-on field day)  Beginning  Beekeeper Course will give you the detailed information you need to get started.  

Registration includes membership to HCBA for 2022 (up to a $30 value)!  Go here to view all the benefits available to our members.

The course includes a hands-on field day. A sample of the topics covered includes: 


  • Getting Started in Beekeeping – What you need 

  • Apiary Site Locations, Zoning laws, State registration

  • Honey Bee Biology and Behavior

  • Swarming and Its Prevention

  • Management and best practices for new colonies

  • Products of the Hive

  • Feeding Bees and Local Nectar and Pollen sources

  • Honey Bee Pests, Diseases, and Other Problems 

  • And much more – Including demonstrations and hands-on opportunities


Registration for the 2022 Beginning Beekeeping Course is OPEN!  Only a few in-person attendance seats remain; online seats are available. 

When:  Starting Wednesday, February 2, 2022 

              for six consecutive Wednesdays

              (7 - 9:30  PM)  plus one field day

Where:  Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall


Registration:  $60 Individual, $90 for couple 

                        (plus $10 for each child under 14)


Required Textbook:

You will need to obtain a copy of The Beekeeper's Handbook, 5th edition, by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile for the course. You can find or order the book at most booksellers.

Complete this form to register for the online Beginning Beekeeping course, then select the Submit button to go to the payment page.

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$10 for each child under 14 years of age


Registration includes membership to HCBA for 2022 (valued up to $30)! Go here to view all the benefits available to our members. 

Don't forget to get the textbook! (See the left column for details)


Limited in-person seats are available.  Please indicate your attendance preference of in-person or online in the registration text box below. We will contact your if it is needed for in-person attendance. 

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