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May 27, 2020
In General Discussions
Hi everyone! This is my first season beekeeping and am loving it so far. Recently my bees have changed the current fashion from YELLOW pollen pants to ORANGE pollen pants. Who knew trends changed so fast ;). Just curious if anyone is familiar enough with what's blooming in the area that might be their new source.
Pollen pants color content media
Mar 23, 2020
In Q & A
Hi everyone! I just finished the beekeeping class the other week and I've obtained my boxes for two hives. I'm planning to use leftover exterior latex paint and we have some that's dark brown and a couple that are lighter neutrals. I was thinking of painting one short face of the boxes the dark brown so that in the winter I can turn those faces southward and use that to help heat the colonies, and in the summer have the lighter colors facing the sun (the hives are oriented almost directly south facing, so in the winter the darker face wouldn't receive any sunlight whatsoever). I'm wondering if I'm overlooking something that would make this a bad idea, since I haven't ever seen it done. Thanks for your thoughts!


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