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Honey Bee Biology Seminar

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Join us for a 'next level' seminar that will help you to become a better beekeeper!  

EAS Master Beekeeper Larry Truchon will present:

  • Honey Bee Biology

  • February 19, 2022; 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM               

(Doors Open 9:15 AM)

About the Seminar: 

To understand honey bee biology, you have to know what the colony's goals are.

Most beekeepers start out by taking a beginner's class that might have included up to an hour on honey bee biology. A lot of information is presented at these courses, and most attendees don't absorb nor understand all that was taught.

This presentation will cover everything from basic bee anatomy to the more advanced biology of the hive. The more you know about the biology of hive, the better and more successful a beekeeper you will become.

The honey bee colony has two main goals. This presentation will explain what they are and help you understand how they achieve them.


​About the Presenter: ​

Larry Truchon is the past president of the Carroll County Beekeepers, a member of three other Beekeeping Associations and serves on the Board of Directors of the Maryland State Beekeepers Association.  He was certified an EAS Master Beekeeper in 2016. Larry heads the CCBA annual Short Course and gives presentations to local bee clubs, other organizations, and the general public. In 2019, he was the recipient of the George W. Imirie Award For Excellence in Beekeeping Education from the Maryland State Beekeepers Association.

Mr. Truchon strives to keep his apiary self sustainable by rearing his own queens and overwintering nucleus colonies. Larry believes that knowing and understanding honey bee biology is a major component in being a successful beekeeper.


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