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How To Use WebEx, Reference How to Document, and Conferencing Tips

In accordance with the recent event cancellation guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, HCBA will use the WebEx conferencing tool for our General Meetings in April and May. 


WebEx is free, and to access it, you only need to select the ‘Join” button from the email. That will open the meeting in your internet browser.  If you want, you can register to use the tool, download, and install the interface. If you elect to do that, go to this link to sign up for WebEx.

While you are on that page, use the link provided to practice signing into a WebEx meeting so you are familiar.  

Download this reference document that contains instructions for how to use WebEx.


There is no charge to use or sign up for WebEx.  

All images on this page are from www.webex.com

  Conferencing Tips

Download this reference document with instructions on how to use WebEx.

  • ​The tool has a ​maximum attendee count of 100, so if there are multiple attendees in your household, please have only one person sign into the meeting.

  • ​Connect ​5 minutes before the start time ​just ​in case ​you experience any glitches.​

  • ​After you select the Join meeting button, use the provided meeting ID to ​join the meeting and then dial in using the phone number provided. Follow the instructions, and please be sure to enter the provided participant ID number​.

  • ​Use the Mute feature in the tool to mute your​ audio ​and only unmute to speak. This will keep background noise down so everyone will be able to hear the presenters.

  • Unless you are scheduled to present during the meeting, please do not turn on your video.

  • ​Please do not interrupt others; use the raise hand and chat feature​s​ as needed ​to ask questions or provide input. ​The moderator will monitor these items to call on you or to ask your question.

  • Do not put the call on hold to take another.

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