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Support Tukka Fund

Please consider helping cover Tukka's medical costs.

You may have already heard how Tukka, the younger of the two trained American Foul Brood (AFB) sniffing dogs, has suffered an extreme leg break.  The dog was in six and a half hours of extensive surgery and is now undergoing rehabilitation.  


The State of Maryland has paid for a large portion of the surgical costs, however,  the dog's owner and our State's Chief Apiarist, Cybil Preston, is left to cover the remaining costs personally.   

As beekeepers in Maryland, we directly benefit from the work Tukka does to keep AFB from coming into our state.  So, we are asking for you to please consider helping by contributing to the Support Tukka fund.


Any size donation is appreciated!  You can make your pledge and obtain the address to mail a check  here: Support Tukka Fundraiser Pledge Form.


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