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How can I help honey bees (and other pollinators)?

You don't have to be a beekeeper to help the honey bees! There are a number of small things you can do to ensure that honey bees and other pollinators have the resources and an environment needed to thrive.  

Explore the options we have listed here, and be sure to use the Contact Us page to send along your ideas and suggestions... and don't forget to participate in our discussion forums to gain and share ideas!

Plant  for Pollinators! 

You don't need a meadow to help provide nectar and pollen sources for pollinators. 

Consider flowering trees and plants that are native to our area, and select a variety so something is blooming throughout the season.

This list might help you to get started, and this list is great, too! Of course, don't hesitate to contact a Maryland Master Gardener for advice.

Provide   Water

Water is a critical resource for all living things, pollinators included!

For birds, provide a clean shallow dish or birdbath, and be sure to freshen the water regularly.

For honey bees, offer a small bowl filled with marbles or corks and water.  Honey bees cannot swim, so the marbles give them a place to safely access the water you provide and keep filled.

Delight in Dandelions and Clover!

Dandelions and clover represent critical food supplies for honey bees and other pollinators, especially in the spring when food sources are in short supply. Instead of considering them weeds that need to be eliminated, embrace how they liven up the green canvas and delight in the bees, butterflies and other pollinators they attract! 

Be  a Pollinator Protector!

Share how to help pollinators and encourage friends and neighbors to help as well!  Reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides to directly benefit pollinators, and follow the simple tips we've listed here.  

Thanks for helping HCBA protect the pollinators!

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