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Q1:此款口罩可以阻挡 Covid-19 ?

A:关于这点,因为我们非医疗器材,碍于法规无法直接宣称有防疫效果,只能说我们是可以抗PM2.5,抗花粉,防污染物接触口鼻,并可重复用水清洗,消毒之非医疗级布料口罩。 世界卫生组织(World Health Organization) yu2020.06.05公告,可抗PM2.5的口罩,也具有一定的防疫保护效果。 (相关内容请点击)


Q3. How do I clean this mask ?

A. The recommended number of cleanings is 300,
If the general public frequently in and out of public places or medical hospitals, it is recommended to go home on the same day to clean immediately. If you are wearing a mask and have no contact with others, wash it about once every two or three days.
How to clean:
It is recommended to "soft hand wash", you can add soap or laundromat and other auxiliary cleaning sterilization, at least kneading for more than 30 seconds, then rinse with water, and finally with appropriate force to dry excess water, and then hang dry for about 30 minutes.
(If you still want to wash with the washing machine, be sure to put it in the laundry bag to wash will be more protective)

Q2:此款口罩和一般医疗用的抛弃式三层口罩有何不同 ?

A:一般医疗级口罩主要以“病菌”当作过滤效能的测试标,但抗PM2.5口罩却以“次微米氯化钠”类比空气中的粒状污染物当测试,两者标准并不同。 若纯粹以对抗PM2.5等级的粒子而言,两者在滤材上的初始能力相近。只是 医疗三层口罩 (3 ply mask) 属于静电抛弃式,结构很弱,气密性也很差,无法承受水洗或较强的气通量,过滤效能也不持久(建议4小时即时更换)因此,“日本CoolTouch口罩”仅建议用于防疫。

Q4. How do I know if my or my child is fit to wear an S-size or M-size mask?

A. In general, "Female adult with small face" or "Children 12 year old and above" can measure the distance from the chin to the root of the ear with a tape measure, and if you can wear S-size within 9 to 12 cm, others you should wear M-size.

Q1. This mask blocks Covid-19 ?

A. On this point, because we are not medical equipment, due to the regulations can not directly claim to have epidemic prevention effect, can only say that we can be anti-PM2.5, anti-pollen, anti-pollutant contact mouth and nose, and can be repeatedly cleaned with water, disinfection of non-medical grade cloth mask. World Health Organization (WHO) 2020.06.05 Proclamation, anti-PM2.5 mask, also has a certain degree of anti-epidemic protection effect.
(Please click on the relevant content) In addition, CoolTocuh masks are washed up to 300 times and can be cleaned and recycled, making them ideal for everyday life to isolate all kinds of bacteria and release contaminated substances.

Q2. How is this mask different from the discarded three-layer mask ?

A. General medical grade masks mainly use "germs" as a test marker for filtration efficacy, but anti-PM2.5 masks are tested with "sodium sub-micron chloride" analogic particles in the air, the two standards are not different. In the case of particles that are purely anti-PM2.5 grade, the initial capabilities of the two are similar on the filter material. Only the medical three-layer mask (3 ply mask) belongs to static abandoned type, the structure is very weak, air tightness is also very poor, can not withstand washing or strong air flow, filtration efficiency is not long-lasting (recommended 4 hours immediate replacement). Therefore, Japan "Cool Touch Mask" is only recommended for epidemic prevention.

Q3:此款口罩要怎么样清洗 ?

A:建议的清洗次数是300次, 一般人若经常出入公众场合或医疗院所,建议当天回家立即清洗。若只是戴着口罩没有与他人接触,约两三天清洗一次。 清洗方式: 建议 “轻柔手洗”,可以加入肥皂或洗衣精等辅助清洗杀菌灭毒,至少揉搓30秒以上,再用水冲洗干净,最后以适当力道拧干多余水分,再悬挂晾干约30分钟即可。 (若还是想用洗衣机洗,一定要放在洗衣袋内清洗会比较保护)

Q4:怎么知道我或我家小孩适合佩戴 M-size 或 S-size 的口罩 ?

A:一般来说,“脸型较小的成年女性” 或 “12岁以上的小孩” 可以用卷尺量测下巴到耳根的距离,若在9~12cm内即可佩戴 S-size,超过则应配戴 M-size。

10 Steps to Start Beekeeping

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