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We'd like to thank...

As any web developer will tell you, planning, organizing, and creating a website does not happen overnight.  This site has been in development since the Summer of 2018, so you have an idea of the time and collaboration it takes to not only plan for the development of the site, but to also bring the wanted functionality to life.  All that, plus the hours spent by only a few volunteers to write the content, design each of the pages, and test everything to ensure an easy and positive experience for each of our site visitors.   

HCBA would like to acknowledge the creators of this website to thank them for all the hours they volunteered to help us fulfill our mission: promoting beekeeping, and educating the public on honeybees and other pollinators.  


Noah Zingler is the technical brains behind our site. 

He graduated from the University of Maryland in the Winter of 2018 with a Computer Science bachelor's degree and Astronomy minor. He was heavily involved in the Beekeeping Club at UMD and eventually rose to take the position of President during his Junior and Senior years.


One of his club colleagues (who is a member of HCBA) asked Noah if he would consider volunteering his time to help HCBA create this site.  Lucky for us, Noah decided to take the job on and began this adventure with us in March of 2019.


With our technical requirements in hand, Noah researched site development tools, and, after evaluating our needs against tool features, selected Wix as our site platform. 


He has spent countless hours defining the functional requirements of our site, not to mention troubleshooting all the big and little issues that came up during the site's testing. 

Noah currently lives in Evanston, Illinois and is looking to join the Cook County Beekeeping Association this year. He continues to support and develop this site and is working to create tutorials as he trains HCBA members to manage the website.


Tina Glorioso Mullan grew up on a farm in Kingsville, Maryland where her Dad kept bees and transported colonies for pollinating fruit and vegetable crops across the state.  Her family farm is no more, and as an adult, Tina wanted to keep bees herself but she was unsure what to do and how to start. 


She met Master Beekeepers Allen Hayes and Wayne Esaias many years ago (we shall refrain from saying just how many!) at the Howard County Fair, and their enthusiasm about beekeeping and encouragement took away any doubts she had, so she signed up for the next Beginning Beekeeping course and started her backyard apiary that same year. 

Since then, Tina has worked to share her interest in these fascinating creatures and does all she can to support HCBA's mission.

Tina has served as Secretary on HCBA's Board of Directors since 2015 and works to ensure our Outreach and Educational programs run as smoothly as possible.  Tina was instrumental in designing the architecture for this website with the objective to honor our mission while making it easy to use and navigate. 

No doubt she gave Noah many sleepless nights with her requests for functionality and features!  

With Noah handling the technical aspects, Tina researched, borrowed, bent, and built the content on the site. 


She continues to help keep the site up to date, including the curation of relevant news articles and educational videos.

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