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HCBA Member Benefits

Becoming a member of HCBA is environmentally rewarding, educationally uplifting and best of all, socially enjoyable! With over 150 members and a wide range of activities with which to participate, you will find both friendship and camaraderie while you develop a better understanding in the ways of honey bees, pollinators, and the environment. 


Below are examples of the benefits HCBA members enjoy. Scroll to select or hover over each to learn more, and become a member or renew today by going to this page

Educational Outings 

Did someone say "field trip"?


We're always looking for events to attend to be able to learn more about honey bees, beekeeping and pollination. Trips to places like the Maryland Agricultural Agency's Bee Lab and beekeeping suppliers are popular with our members. 


No charge for use!


As a HCBA member, there is no need to spend hundreds, if not a thousand dollars on an extractor!  

Our club owns and maintains several extractors for our members to use free of charge.  Simply go to the extractors page to check availability and reserve one.


Attend 'tuition free'!

Bee meeting.jpg

Our courses are some of the best offered in Maryland!  As a member, you can attend the course free of charge as a Bee Ambassador after your initial attendance to refresh your knowledge. 

Guest Speakers

Continuous Learning


At monthly club meetings, we have a guest speaker to discuss and answer questions on a  wide range of beekeeping topics  Topics have included historical perspectives, local legislation, diseases, parasites, best practices, etc. Guest speakers range from members within our club to Master Beekeepers to regional academia and nationwide experts 

Member's Only Content



As a HCBA member, you will have access to exclusive, member only pages of our Club website.  Pages include access to the available PowerPoint briefs from club meetings and classes; discrete links to product and services opportunities and other pages and offers not available to the public.

Access to Master Beekeepers and Mentors

Experts and advice within reach!


HCBA is extremely fortunate to have FIVE master beekeepers as members. These certified experts in beekeeping graciously make themselves available to answer questions and provide insight as you proceed on your beekeeping journey. 

We also offer a mentor-protege program which provides new beekeepers direct access to an experienced beekeeper.


Better then the County's! 


How is the HCBA library better than the county's you ask?  Well, all our books are about bees! 

Available at our General Meetings, club members are able to browse and borrow from our extensive bee-book library at no charge. 

Discussion Groups

For Members Only


Our discussion forums are a great way to connect with other beekeepers 'on demand'.  Ask a question, post a response, or use the forums as a resource - it is up to you.

The Beekeeper Exchange forum is an exclusive for members to post beekeeping items or sale, or to purchase.

T-Shirts, etc.

Wear the club colors!

HC_Beekeepers-Comb and Wheat Final.png

Share your HCBA spirit and show the world that you're a beekeeper by wearing a club shirt, hat, or using one of the available accessories!  We offer a wide range of apparel options, so we're sure you will find something just right for you or as a gift for a favorite beekeeper!


Talk about coordination!


For our members who do not have a yard to keep honey beehives, HCBA offers a no-charge coordination service to "match" those beekeepers with property owners who want colonies, but are not able to care for them. 

It's a fabulous way to help the bees and beekeepers.

Picnic and Pot Luck Dinner

Delicious Camaraderie!

HCBA Picnic.png

HCBA is more than just beekeeping... we are a social group as well. Where else better to talk about a mutually interesting topic than over a meal? Especially when the meal is a smorgasbord of deliciousness with many items made with the honey from the bees we keep!

As an added bonus, we bring extractors to the Picnic so you can extract some of your honey crop while you and your family are there!

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