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Oh, the places we go!

We are always eager to go into the communities of Howard County to promote beekeeping and educate the public on honey bees and pollinators.  Here are some of the places we've been... we hope that you'll stop by if you come to one of our upcoming events


Howard County 50 + Center in Elkridge

In October, Tom and Joan Cain presented to a large group at the Howard County 50+ Center in Elkridge about honey bees, beekeeping, and how to help honey bees and pollinators.  Their talk was so well attended and received that the center has asked them for an encore in April!  

Be sure to check our the other pictures from the event by clicking on the arrow. 

2019 HCBA One Day Walsh.jpg

HCBA 2022 Fall One-Day Seminar on Beekeeping

2019 HCBA One Day spendiff.jpg

Each fall, HCBA sponsors a one-day seminar to introduce beekeeping and help attendees decide if beekeeping is for them. Our friends at the Robinson Nature Center hosted the event that was held on November 5, 2022.

Many of our attendees were so excited about what they learned, that they have signed up to attend our in-depth February Beginning Beekeeping course! 

Special thanks to Tina Mullan and Dave Dobbs for coordinating and speaking at the event, to our members who presented: Doris Walsh, Danielle Spendiff, David Schultz, Valerie Wampler and  Roger Frissora (who also was our A/V maestro!) and to our volunteers: Kathy Hartley and Lynn Hepek.  HCBA couldn't do what we do without you!

Business Women's Network of Howard County

Each year, the Howard County Business Women's Network (BWN) holds raffle in support of their Lifelong Learner Scholarship Fund. This year, over 35 baskets were donated to support the event and raise scholarship funds.  One of the baskets was crafted by our member Doris Walsh who contributed many items to the basket for the raffle.  HCBA helped by providing registration for our upcoming Beginning Beekeeping course.  

The winner of the basket was Mary Jordan, owner of Bra-la-la in Maple Lawn.  We're looking forward to seeing you at the BBC, Mary!


Merriweather District Good Kid-izen 

Dave Dobbs and Tina Glorioso Mullan spent the morning of June 25, 2022 at Color Burst Park in Columbia talking with visitors about the girls and how to help honey bees and other pollinators. 


Then the two took to the stage to teach children and their families how honey bees make new colonies, who's who in the hive, the jobs of the worker bees, and lots of other honey bee-related fun.  There was waggle dancing, flying, and pollen collecting as the children learned how awesome honey bees are. 

20220625_103622 (1).jpg
20220626_103443 (2).jpg

2022 Howard County Pollinator Festival

HCBA joined many other groups at the Conservancy at the June Pollinator Festival where visitors learned about all the beneficial pollinators and how to help them.  

Special thanks to Leila Ashkeboussi, Kathy Carr,  Dave Dobbs, Kathy Hartley, Jill-Ann Mark, and Kent Phillips for volunteering their time to support this event.

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Pointer's Run Elementary School

November 5, 2019 at Pointer's Run Elementary School, HCBA members Dean Clark provided Girl Scout Junior Troop 2168 and Cadette troop 2401 a class on Honeybees and being a Beekeeper. 


Educational topics covered honeybee biology, hive boxes/frames, tools, beeswax, honey, propolis, diseases and ended with a turn at the extractor and learning about honey collection.


HC Conservancy Fall Festival

Each September, the Howard County Conservancy holds a fall festival to further its mission of connecting people to nature.  In addition to strolling the grounds and historic farmhouse tours, the event hosts activities that would interest just about everyone - from animals to pet,  hayrides, and storytelling to music, and demonstrations of wool-spinning, blacksmithing, and woodworking!

HCBA continues to be an active participant in this event, and we thank Dean Clark, Alice Parks, and Paul Kojzar for volunteering their time to talk about 'the girls' and promote beekeeping with this year's more than 1,600 attendees of the festival!


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image (5).png

Brew Hive Grand Opening

HCBA was at the forefront of the September grand opening of the HOCO Brew Hive Restaurant & Bar. Howard County Executive Cavin Ball was one of the more than 50 people who stopped by the HCBA booth to learn more about honey bees and pollination. HOCO Brew Hive will be featuring local honey in specialized meal preparations and promoting local beekeepers.


Special thanks to HCBA President Dave Dobbs and his wife Peggy for supporting this event.

Mom's Market Save the Dandelions

This spring, Mom's Market hosted a Save the Dandelion event to encourage the public to note use deadly pesticides and herbicides. 


Members Merlow Henry, Helen Zimmerman, and  Dean Clark represented HCBA at the event to help the public embrace having dandelions and clover in their yards because they are important food sources for honey bees and other pollinators.

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