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  • Our next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 11th at the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall. Our guest speaker, Danielle Spendiff, will present on the the upcoming Howard County Fair. We will also have demo tables for various Fair entry categories that will offer tips and examples. Go to this page for more information.

    • This meeting will be in person only and will NOT be simulcast.

  • Even though our June meeting is not, most of our General Meetings will be simulcast (live and online attendance options) from the Fairgrounds Dining Hall!  Go to this page for information on our online meeting tool, WebEx. 

  • Go here for help with a honey bee swarm!

  • ​We are in need of volunteers for several roles.  Please go here and let us know if you are interested in one or more by sending us an email



  • Need Bees?  Members and BBC Attendees, go here to learn about this year's Package and Nuc discounts from Woodcamp Farm!

    • If you are not already registered on this site, follow the instructions in the green box above to access the discount information  page


  • Are you wanting Marian's Inspection templates from our February meeting?  Here you are!


  • Members: Access our  General meeting presentations and other meeting resources here.


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