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Our Outyard Liason is always looking to match outyard requests with beekeepers throughout Howard County.  Here is a list of our currently available outyard locations. Use the form at the bottom of this page if you are a beekeeper and would like to place bees at one of these locations. Our Outyard Liason will contact you soon.

Property City
Property County
Sq Ft/Acres
Max Number Hives
Location Description
Mount Airy

We're located in Western Howard County in Mount Airy. We're about 2 miles from the intersection of 70 and 94. We have a very private farm where nobody other than us would have easy access to the hives. We have quite a few areas around the farm that hives could be placed. I'd leave that up to the beekeeper after they came and checked out the property.


5 acres of contoured cleared land/ grass field with central swale and natural water seep. Nearest neighboring house is 200+ feet away. Ideally hives would be located in back right field between two minor swales (leading to main swale). This area is an expanding infant "food forest"/ orchard. Hives would be along current orchard row nearest the house (visible on google maps). I have 5 acres to play with so multiple locations are not out of the question.


back corner of asture


We have multiple large areas away from common foot traffic, where colonies wouldn't be disturbed or disturbing.

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Request an Outyard Apiary

If you are a new or experienced beekeeper that does not have an adequate place to keep honey bee colonies or would like to expand but need more room for your colonies, complete and submit this form.


Our Outyard Liason will contact you to discuss available locations and the requirements of using an outyard location. ​

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