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HCBA General Meeting Information:
October 11th General Meeting 

We hope to see you at the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall on Tuesday, October 11th!

We'll have our regular HCBA business update, and don't forget to post any beekeeping questions you have on our general meeting QA forum - we'll answer your questions during the meeting. 

(Note: you have to be registered on this site to use the forum, so follow the instructions here if you've not yet done that.)  

And members...Bring a jar of Honey to our October General Meeting because we will be hosting a  Black Jar Honey Contest where we will find out who has the best-tasting honey in Howard County!  Full details and information can be found here.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

About the Speaker:

Jon Zawislak is an Assistant Professor of Apiculture and Urban Entomology for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture.  He has worked and played with honey bees since 1998, and is equally at home in the apiary, the laboratory, or the classroom. 

Each year he teaches workshops and classes for new and experienced beekeepers throughout Arkansas and beyond.  He emphasizes understanding the biology and behavior of honey bees and related pests as keys to keeping bees healthy and minimizing the use of pesticides in the hives.  He also spreads the word about the importance of pollinators to the non-beekeeping public.  Jon has a background in botany and entomology and is an EAS-certified Master Beekeeper.


He and his family operate Walnut Valley Honey Company in Little Rock, Arkansas, producing great products from the hive and supplying pollinators for area community gardens.

Our guest speaker in October will be Jon Zawislak who will present on honey bee pheromone communication.

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