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HCBA General Meeting Information:

Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 7:00 PM  LIVE at the HC Fairgrounds Dining Hall
(and simulcast using WebEx Conferencing for those not able to join us live)

Our next general meeting will be held live at the Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 7 PM.  For those who are not able to join us at the Dining Hall, we will simulcast using WebEx.

We hope you will join us for our June General Meeting! If you plan to join us at the Fairgrounds, please be sure to bring a mask to wear during the meeting and to maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines.  We will sanitize table and chairs prior to the meeting, and will have hand sanitizer available. 

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not have drinks or snacks available, so please be sure to bring your own.


We'll have our regular HCBA business update, and please post any beekeeping questions you have on our general meeting QA forum - we'll answer your questions during the meeting. 

(Note: you have to be registered on this site to use the forum, so follow the instructions here if you've not yet done that.)  


HCBA members will be sent a link to join the WebEx meeting so they can attend virtually.

WebEx is free, and to access it, you only need to select the ‘Join” button from the email that you will be sent prior to the meeting. That will open the meeting in your internet browser.  If you want, you can register to use the tool, download, and install the interface. To do that, go here for information prior to the meeting.

Instructions for how to use WebEx can be downloaded here.



Our guest speaker will be Anne Marie Fauvel who will talk to us about the Bee Informed Partnership and their efforts/programs. Using data collected through the Sentinel Apiary Program, Anne will share some of the valuable lessons she has learned. You too can participate, contribute to the national honey bee solution and become a better beekeeper in the process!

About the Speaker:


Anne Marie Fauvel is the Tech Team Coordinator for the Bee Informed Partnership based at the University of Maryland.


In addition to lending a hand in coordinating the many BIP programs, she is charged with the logistics of 5 regional Honey Bee Health Field Specialists and their activities, working directly with commercial beekeepers bridging the gap between industry and academic research.


The Tech Team Field Specialists lead the sampling efforts to collect copious amounts of data on colony health, management, and treatment and act as consultants with their regional and national perspectives.


Anne Marie also teaches at Grand Valley State University.

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