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Thank you for your interest in our course!

Check back around July for the dates of our 2025 Beginning Beekeeping Course

Beginning Beekeeping Course

8  Sessions, starting Wednesday, January XX, 2025

7 PM  - 9:15 PM

Open Q&A/Discussions from 6:30 to 7 PM

Howard County Fairgrounds Dining Hall

If you are seriously considering keeping honey bees, or have decided to start this coming spring, this is the course for you! The 8-session Beginning  Beekeeper Course (BBC) will give you the detailed information needed to start well.  

The course also includes an additional hands-on field day. A sample of the topics covered includes: 


  • Honey Bee Biology and Behavior

  • Preparing to keep Bees: Zoning, Apiary Site Locations, and other considerations

  • Ways to Obtain Honey Bees

  • How to Start Honey Bee Colonies

  • Foraging, Food, and the Nectar Flow

  • Inspecting Colonies and Recommended Management Practices

  • Feeding Bees

  • Registering Your Bees with the State

  • Honey Bee Pests

  • Honey Bee, Diseases

  • And much more!

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