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Select this New Outyard button if you would like honey bee colonies on your property without having to manage them yourself.

Select this Request an Outyard button if you are a HCBA member looking for a location to keep honey bee colonies.

This View Available Outyards button displays all current, available outyards, as well as a form to  request placing bees at one of these locations. 

Services > Outyards

Request an Outyard Apiary

Are you interested in having honey bee colonies on your property, but do not want to do the work of managing them?

Or, perhaps you want to be a beekeeper, but do not have an adequate place to keep honey bee colonies?

If either of these describes you, then an outyard apiary just may be in your future! Select the appropriate button to get started.

Outyard beekeepers: Go here to complete your Outyard Report.

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