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Honey Bee Health Coalition Resources

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Full resource pages at this link.

Who's Who in the Hive

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Now you'll know! 

How bees avoid nature's obstacle course


Talk about built-in re-routing!

Bees learn while they sleep


And that means they might dream!

What's most like a honey bee's tongue?


You're not going to believe this!



All about it!

Queen Duets

big-queen-bee from beekeeping like a gir

Quacking! Tooting!  There's a reason for the ruckus...

Are you ready for your bees?

Package o bees.jpg

A new beekeeper's guide for a successful package installation - Betterbee article.

Recognize the advanced signs of swarming

Adv signs of swarming.jpg

Watching for the signs of swarm preparations - image and article from Betterbee.

Catching and hiving a swarm

Catching a swarm.jpg

The nuts and bolts - image and article from Betterbee.

First inspections of the season


Things to do and consider - Betterbee article.

A Better Way to Bottle Honey

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Download this information and plans from Master Beekeeper Allen Hayes 

5 Tools You need as a Beekeeper

beekeeping-tools_800-600x346_Chris Inch

Beekeeping requires few tools, and these make the endeavor easier.  Read the full article

Photo: Chris Inch/Flickr

The Different Types of Hoenybees


 Italian? Russian?  German? Carniolan? Which is best for you?

Bee Parasite More werewolf than vampire


 That may finally explain why Varrora destructor mites are a nigtmare for a beehive.  Read the full article here. Image from the article.

HCBA Member Phil Serafina Videos


Member Phil Serafinas shares his knowledge and experiences on these videos.

Smokers and Smoking Bees


Hints and how to's here! 

Why protecting your winter bees starts in  July


Winter bees face different conditions, so you need to plan early to protect them.  Read the article here.

Tools for Varrora Management

mqdefault from HBHC Varroa tools.jpg

A host of resources from guides, videos, and even a management decision tool all located here at HBHC's site!

Image from site

Bees and water


Be sure the girls have lots of it during hot temps!

Render wax... in a crock pot!

image (3).png

This is a pretty nifty trick!

Colony size drives overwinter survival


Size matters...

Honey bees work to ease anxiety

Bee on Radish flower.jpg


Wayward comb


How to not let your girls carry on!

Where to place your beehives

Consrvancy bees.jpg

Tips for siting your apiary from Betterbee

Doing what you can to prevent swarms

Swarm prevention.jpg

What works, and what doesn't work to prevent swarming - article and image from Betterbee

What happens the day a hive swarms?

What happens the day swarm.jpg

Not just a dramatic exit... image and article from Betterbee. 

After the swarm...

After the swarm.jpg

Dealing with the 'aftermath' of a swarm from your hive - image and article from  Betterbee.

Beekeeping in January


A day of winter bee-work - Betterbee article.

 How to paint bee boxes


Read the What color is your hive and How to Paint Bee Boxes from Betterbee.  

Be a Frame Reader


What the bees are telling you on the frame

10-Point Pre-Winter Checklist


Select the image to go to the checklist. 

10 Tips for Planting for Honey Bees


 Benefit your garden and the bees! Read the full article.

Summer Treatments for Varroa Mites


From Betterbee

Things you'll see in the heat of summer

nasonving-bees from betterbee

Fanning, bearding, washboarding - you'll see them all in the summer heat.  Read the article here.Image from the article

Select an image to go to that article. 

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