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Talk about a feel-good story! 

How four girls rescued some bees...


From Audubon: Bee science is inspiring a new generation of scientists probing how hummingbirds navigate... 

Image: from the article, Kathrin Swoboda/Audubon Photography Awards

Think of hummingbirds as 'feathered bees'


South Dakota beekeepers - among the largest players in the U.S. pollination and honey industries - are reeling from a nationwide spike in honeybee colony losses that has the potential to affect 90 different agricultural crops across the country. Photo: Nick Lowrey, South Dakota News Watch, from the article

S.D.  Beekeepers face "darkest days"


A fun read on beekeeping 'back when'...Image from the  BHL library

A Beekeeper's Manual...From 1840


Unlikely places are an oasis for bees.  Read the full article.

Baltimore Bee Buffet

beesensor2web From cool article.jpeg

Wow! Image from article

How Bees Stay Cool on Hot Days

From Massive loss article.jpg

From NPR Image from the article

Massive Loss Afflicts Orchards and Beekeepers

News herald photo.jpg

Help bees overwinter in your yard. Photo from the article

Winter Bloomiming Plants


Researchers have discovered that honey bees are able to share immunity with other bees and to their offspring in a hive by transmitting RNA ‘vaccines’ through royal jelly and worker jelly... 

Image: Artistic view of transmissible RNA in honey bees. Honey bees share bioactive RNA between individuals and across generations through secretion and ingestion of worker and royal jellies. Credit: Claudia Flandol



A philosophical and neurobiological look into the apian mind. 

What's it like to be a Bee?

honey-bee-and-stewart-platform from arti

The amazing flexibility of the honey bee is inspiring engineers. Image from article.

 Waggle Inspires Aerospace Design


This Micky D's is a fully functioning hive! Image from article

McDonald's is going to the bees

pollinatedfoods from the article.jpg

Learn and do! Image from the article

Pollinators need you... and you need pollinators!

From the Culprit article.png

Image from the article

Culprit found in CA Honey Bee Deaths

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