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HCBA Officers

Christina Glorioso Mullan
Vice President
Bill Glover
Joan Cain
Chris Turett
Kathy Hartley
Director Audio Visual
Roger Frissora
Director Education
Leila Ashkeboussi
Past President
David Schultz

HCBA Volunteer Roles

Bee Ambassador Coordinator
Leila Ashkeboussi
Discussion Group Moderator
Kathy Hartley
Equipment Wrangler
Bob Coyne
Facebook Moderator
Kathy Hartley
HC Fair Coordinator
Danielle Spendiff
Fair Honey Sales
Clif Darby
Field Day Coordinator
Leila Ashkeboussi
HC Conservancy Beekeeper
Devon Kosisky
HCBA State Beekeeper Rep
Bill Glover
Outreach / Request Coordinator
Lisa Young
Outyard Liason
Jim Wickless
Refreshment Table
Nick Rowan
Robinson Nature Center Mentor
Charles Kyler and Jeff Crooks
T-shirts, hats, etc.
Tina Glorioso Mullan
Mentor and Mentee Coordinator
Leila Ashkeboussi
Diane Dunlap
Continuing Education Coordinator
David Schultz
Elizabeth Reardon

Contact HCBA

Do you have a question about HCBA?  Would you like more information about beekeeping or have a suggestion?  Well, you've come to the right place!

To contact us, please complete this form.  If there is someone specific you want your message directed, let us know the name of that person from the contact list to the right. 

Note: Phone numbers must be entered as: xxx-xxx-xxxx or your form will not submit. 

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