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Swarm and Honey Bee Removal

If you have discovered a honey bee swarm or believe that honey bees have taken up residence somewhere in your home or on your property, please first validate that the insects are indeed honey bees by using our identification guide.

The people on this list can only assist with the removal of honey bees. 

Please note: 

The Howard County Beekeepers’ Association, Inc. (HCBA) publishes and distributes this swarm contact list as a service to the public. We are neither an oversight nor certification organization for beekeepers. If you engage the services of anyone on the list, you need to be aware that you are engaging the services of that beekeeper as an individual – you are not hiring them as an agent of HCBA. Problems are rare, but if you should have one, it is a matter between you and the individual that you engaged to handle your bee situation.

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