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Swarm and Honey Bee Removal

If you have discovered a honey bee swarm or believe that honey bees have taken up residence somewhere in your home or on your property, please first validate that the insects are indeed honey bees by using our identification guide.

The volunteers on this list can only assist with the removal of honey bees. 

Assistance for areas outside of Howard County can be found here. 

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First Name
Last Name
Areas Served
Services Offered

Disclaimer: The HCBA maintains this list of volunteers as a courtesy only, and the individuals named herein have not been vetted by the HCBA, nor are they acting on behalf of or with approval of the HCBA. Anyone who chooses to engage any of the individuals named here for the purposes of bee removal does so at their own risk. Please communicate with the volunteer directly concerning terms and conditions for their services.

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