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After receiving a grant from the Honey Bee Conservancy and having select individuals attend HCBA’s Beginning Beekeeper course, Howard Community College (HCC) welcomed honey bees to campus in the spring of 2018. Care for the colonies is headed by the Center of Hospitality and Culinary Studies Department’s Chef David Milburn and is mentored by HCBA member David Schultz.

The goal of bringing bees to the HCC campus is to assist with teaching the students about sustainability, to pollinate the fruit and vegetables that are grown on campus, and to supply honey for the baking and cooking courses taught at HCC.  
Besides using the honey in recipes that students prepare, a portion of the honey is given to the HCC food pantry and the rest will be sold in the on-campus, student-run learning restaurant that is set to open in 2020. Proceeds from the sale of honey will assist with funding student activities and scholarships for the students in the HCC Center of Hospitality and Culinary Studies. 

“We plan to have a total of four hives, and are presently looking for funding to purchase 20 inspection suits, honey extraction equipment, and observation hives,” Chef Milburn said. “With this additional equipment, we will be able to take a full class of students out to the hives for hands-on, experiential learning.” Chef Milburn continued.  

The honey bees have truly been the buzz on the HCC campus. The most frequently asked question has been “How are the bees doing?” This allows the department to create environmental awareness for the food supply chain, while helping HCBA fulfill its mission of educating the public on the importance of honey bees and other pollinators.

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