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Important  Updates for Using HCBA Extractors 

Below are key points on the updates for using HCBA Extractors. Please be sure to read and follow the instructions located here. 


1. Equipment must be reserved in advance by using the sign-up links on this page.  Please contact our Equipment Wrangler if you have questions or need to work out specifics for pick up and return. Contact information for our Wrangler can be found in these instructions.


2. No-Contact Pick Up: Equipment will be picked up from and returned to the walkway between the Equipment Wrangler's porch and driveway, so no personal contact is needed. 

3.  Please use disposable gloves at all times when handling the equipment.


4. Please note that the Equipment Wrangler will rinse the inside and outside of the equipment with a solution of 1/3 cup plain bleach solution in one gallon of water (this is the CDC recommended ratio) prior to member pick up.  Therefore, it is extremely more important for members to thoroughly rinse the equipment with clear water before use.


5. Members are required to clean the equipment prior to return, following the instructions in this document.

6. The Equipment Wrangler will hold all returned equipment for 48 hours prior to giving it to another member.

7. Full information and instructions are located in this document. 

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