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HCBA Continuing Education


If you are interested in getting some 'hands-on' beekeeping experience and engaging in timely, relevant beekeeping discussions, come and join the HCBA Continuing Education group!

Our Continuing Education sessions are led by experienced beekeepers and are offered to HCBA members free of charge. Participation in any Continuing Education session is optional, voluntary, and at your own risk. 

Sessions are held each Wednesday at participant apiaries (occasionally, Saturday sessions are held) .  A variety of topics are covered, and we offer hands on practice, including in-hive inspections when the weather permits. 

Sample Continuing Education topics include:

  • Basic Beekeeping

  • Package and Nuc Installation

  • Mite Counting and Treatments

  • Hive Mapping

  • Swarm Prevention

  • Bait Hives

  • Queen Rearing

  • Hive Splitting

  • Bee Biology

  • Mentoring

  • Honey Extraction

  • Hive Winterization

  • And much more!

Are you interested in participating in HCBA's Continuing Education sessions?  Go here to send an email request to be added to the mailing list. 

Upcoming Sessions

For details, location and/or video conference information, request to be added to the Continuing Education mailing list by going to this page

  • Date,  time, topic

  • Date, time, topic

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