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Welcome to the new Howard County Beekeepers Association (HCBA) website. We have taken months to develop a format to show what we do and make this beekeeping website both informative and entertaining, I hope you enjoy it.

HCBA is both an educational and social club to promote beekeeping/pollinators and provide a safe and friendly place for New-Bees to learn about beekeeping. In addition to the training classes we have, there are several social events throughout the year to incorporate your beekeeping skills into something else you love.

For me, it's trying new honey cookie recipes. I have about 10 different flavors of cookies and depending on the honey my bees make, will determine what cookie their honey goes in - yum yum. We welcome folks from all over the region and try to promote an informed partnership with our county organizations and communities.

Come to a meeting, visit us at a community event or stop by at the Howard County Fair bee booth - we're always buzzing around just waiting to talk about bees!

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